solar panels

Solar panels are tools capable of producing clean energy from a natural source: the sun. The sun’s heat is exploited to produce the energy needed to heat sanitary water or homes, covering 70-80% of the needs. The use of a photovoltaic system.

Therefore makes it possible to contain family expenses significantly and, at the same time, gives benefits to the environment. Can give benefits to the environment by reducing the emission of polluting particles into the air and using green energy

Drawn from a renewable energy source.

How do they work?

The photovoltaics are compounds different from the set of photovoltaic cells, each square of about 125 mm per side. Thanks to the presence of the cells, the panels can convert the photon energy into electricity. In other words, they produce solar energy conversion into thermal energy. This process, called the photovoltaic effect, starts from the sunlight to produce a solicitation of the silicon’s electrons that make up every single solar cell. The electrons, once stimulated, flow into the circuit generating electrical energy in direct current. In a second time, it will be up to the inverter to transform it into alternating current to be transported and used in the distribution networks to reach our homes.

Let’s find out the dimensions of a panel.

Once the installation of solar panels has been decided, it is necessary to evaluate how much space is needed for the self-production of energy. A family tends to consume about 3 thousand kWh per year. It can be produced by panels placed on 25 square meters of the surface of a traditional sloping roof. The dimensions of the photovoltaic panel and, consequently, the number of panels necessary to cover the required surface varies according to the models, brands, type, and power of the photovoltaic panel. Indicatively, the range of possibilities fluctuates, however, between 120-170 cm in height, 60-100 cm wide and 0, and 6-5 cm thick.

The different technologies: what types of photovoltaic systems do we know?

Not all photovoltaic panels use the same technology. It is currently possible to find the monocrystalline panel, the polycrystalline panel and the amorphous photovoltaic panels, and the latest generation photovoltaic panels. The

Monocrystalline panel, more efficient and less bulky than the polycrystalline, is made up of pure silicon cells. In contrast, the cells of the polycrystalline panel are formed by the remelting of electronic boards and silicon waste.


The amorphous photovoltaic panels are cheaper than the previous ones. Although having slightly lower yields, constitute an excellent solution for those who wish to exploit the advantages of the photovoltaic-containing costs. Also to be considered are the CIS, the latest generation photovoltaic panels

They exploit cutting-edge technology and are composed of selenium and indium copper. They have an efficiency higher than that of crystalline silicon modules. It guarantee a good level of productivity even in situations of partial shading.

Some more news on photovoltaic

The advantages

Photovoltaics is full of advantages. Starting from the fact that it represents one of the most efficient systems for producing green energy. It can also help in excellent energy savings. In addition to the economic benefits linked to the drastic drop in costs in the bill, those deriving from tax deductions of 50% on the purchase price and those linked to the increase in value of your property must also be taken into account. The initial costs also pay for themselves and, within a few years, the installation of solar panels turns into a profit. Some plants allow you to resell the energy produced in excess and not consumed. Therefore, an optimal choice is to make environmental sustainability and the domestic economy dialogue with each other.

Duration overtime of the panels and their disposal

But how long can a photovoltaic system last?

It is impossible to provide an exact answer. The duration of the photovoltaic system depends on the place of installation, but above all on its maintenance. Despite all this, the manufacturers of photovoltaic panels guarantee a minimum duration of 20 years. However, if we consider that these data concern the analyses related to the first solar panels, the latest generation ones promise a significant improvement. The procedures for the disposal of solar panels are anything but complex or particularly expensive. To solve the problem, one can also resort to various associations that collect the panels for free and then recycle them. These do not contain toxic materials and maintain their green appearance even in this last phase of life.

 The future of photovoltaic

Several companies in different sectors are trying to exploit solar cells for other uses. 180 W solar cells that can be fixed on the roof of cars, for example, are already a reality, and future uses are being studied on some car models. Other efforts are being made to adapt cells to windows, tiles, building covers, and even backpacks. The challenge, therefore, has started, and the goal is a future, not even very far away. In which solar power will have the place of honor it deserves.

The importance of turning to a reliable company

When deciding to install solar panels, whether to adapt them to villas, condominiums, or commercial buildings, the choice of the company that supplies and installs them is fundamental. Kiwi solar, for example, is the first online operator in the photovoltaic sector. It assists the customer in all phases by offering turnkey installations customized to individual needs. Made with products that belong to the most accredited brands and are made with excellent components.

The company also follows all administrative procedures, relieving the customer of any task. Ensures competent and professional advice and fast assistance. Furthermore, you can constantly monitor your consumption and manage it online with your bills using the dedicated app with kiwi. The company philosophy is based on the convenience of the rates and their transparency: it is, therefore, possible to discover the various offers online and request a quote with the certainty of constantly interfacing with an agile and informal interlocutor.

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