Solar Power Systems on BOOT And BOO

solar power in Pakistan

There are many buzzwords that are emerging, like solar power, Inverter systems, and Lithium batteries. The people of Pakistan are prone to offering opinions on commercial, technical and legal issues, as well as financial micro-financing and so on. With no knowing or having experience. We have opinions on every subject, just as we do when it comes to politics, religion, and energy mix, the best way to run hotels, hospitals, factories. I have worked in four other countries in addition to Pakistan and I have traveled to more than 60 countries.

Solar Power Benefits

When working in other countries, I have noticed that people focus on their expertise and are silent when the subject related to other areas of expertise is debated. There are many business professionals who are interested in knowing the science and engineering behind solar panels, Inverter Systems, and Lithium Batteries. But why are they interested in these irrelevant details. There is no in-depth discussion that can allow them to make a better choice. They have to make an economic decision, not an engineering, chemistry, or physics decision. It is time to stop this routine.

What Steps to Take

Let the experts lead the business and perform their job. Particularly, businesses are wasting their energy, time, and resources in pursuing other things than their core business. A study has shown that a company can boost its profits by 1 percent by focusing on the core business. Also By hiring experts or outsourcing less than 0.01 percent of its total expenditure. Top management and business leaders (CEO/CFO/CTO/CIO) should strive to sustainably and regularly more profit, a better upgrade of the core business, growth of the core business, and a higher market share for that core industry.

Our efforts to the power from the solar systems market, which includes Solar Panels, Inverter systems, and batteries even though I have an MSEE (USA) with only a minor degree in Solar. However, I’ll stay away from discussing the sciences, chemistry, and the design of Solar panels and Inverter systems as well as batteries. I’ll instead discuss business and economic aspects because I am an MBA (USA) as well, so I can comment on business and economic sense as well.

Methods to Move Forward Solar Power less than WAPDA/KE:

One option highly suggested is to purchase Kwhr/KW through BOOT (Build Own, Operate and Transfer) or BOO (Build Own, and Operate) from the Solar System Service Providers’ (SSSP) at saying that KE/WAPDA Minus Rs 3/Kwhr via an SBLC without making massive expenditures or taking the risk.

Goals of Business

The business requires:

(1) energy (KW and Kwhr) at

(2) electricity at a cheaper cost (Rs/Kwhr) than WAPDA/KE in the coming 35 years.

(3) uninterrupted power supply with a set voltage as well as not conducting research and development in Solar systems. The Solar system provider assumes all risks associated with the technology as well as the investment.


The business owner has to provide adequate land, access to the premises for the installation of Solar panels, and, if necessary, water available to wash the solar panels in operation. It is known that with time, crystals lose their clarity, and panels lose effectiveness. Inverters are a different type of low-reliability equipment that can be damaged and have inefficiency. In addition, when technological advancements, the solar system service provider will alter the equipment. It will be very difficult for firms to spend money on solar panels, inverters, and so on. In the coming years, businesses will invest their money, time, and effort in assessing replacements for solar panels, inverters, and batteries.

Important Notes

It is worth noting that hundreds of old, inefficient, and close to blindness solar panels are sold by various nations. They are offered at a highly affordable price. The science behind Solar cells, which make up solar panels, is distinct in comparison to plants, equipment, and machines. Cell blindness isn’t slow, but is abrupt, especially after five years of use. The sellers might offer solar panels that offer the desired Kwhr during the warranty period. Upon expiration, the solar cells could begin blinking rapidly. This is a serious issue and can be detrimental to an investor’s plan of doing business.

Allowing the Solar Systems Service Providers all your problems are a smart choice than wasting energy, time, and money in evaluating solar systems and operating something technologically advanced that is not your primary business is not logical. It is strongly recommended that companies focus on their core business. Just let experts from the Solar Systems Service Providers take care of the solar power generation. Take on all the risks and complete the investment by using BOOT/BOO mechanics.

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