solar panel advantages and disadvantages

Solar Panel Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar energy, it is good to start the discussion with some general thoughts on solar panel energy importance. As in Pakistan, people are more towards the living being green and more energy self-determining for the comfort level to make the green and noise-free place as an advantage for themselves.

Nowadays, a solar panel system getting high recognition in this turning of advanced technology and making life relaxed by providing benefits of 24 hours electricity to the people of Pakistan.

Solar Panel Advantages

Here are the several advantages of a solar panel for the people who are attracted to the residential and commercial area setup for themselves:

  • More Attractive Property with Solar Panel:

As solar panels are in great demand by the increasing interest of the people, in the future, if you choose to sell or rent out your home or business sites, a solar photovoltaic (PV) system is a popular feature system. It will add market value to your place.

  • Free of Hassle Maintenance of System:

The maintenance of the solar panel doesn’t require much attention, as it can quickly handle and cleaning a couple of times in a year is all one needed, only the converter has to be replaced after 5 to 10 years, as it works to help frequently to change the energy into electricity and heat (solar PV vs solar thermal) to run the system at it best possible.

  • Lessen of Power Electricity Bills:

If you are using a PV system so, you can store the power for later use. Hence your solar system generates electricity which will drop your bills.

  • Technological advancement:

In this 21st-century era, innovations are doing exceptional assistance for humankind. The advancement and improvements in the solar power industry have become the talk of the town which will, in return, give high effectiveness of electrical input of the solar system.

  • Long-lasting Warranties of Solar Panel:

Companies that are working on establishing the design and system of the solar panel are also giving reliability warranties for a more extended period, which provide good results, in an excellent performance for more than 8 to 10 years—the commitment towards delivering the best and reliable instruments for their customers.

  • Return on Investments:

 It’s an excellent opportunity for homeowners and business person to invest in the solar panel system. As this system has high investment prices, and it will also save money every month, power bills will help cut the cost of the system investment, which was purchased before.

But the public asking the same question. Why? What if the installation will be proved reliable in the forthcoming or not?

Taking this discussion further, some solar energy exponents can’t ignore the budding technology’s relatively minor flaws.

Disadvantages of solar panel 

Some of the disadvantages of solar panels are listed below:

  • Lack of consistency and reliability in the System:

Solar systems rely on the solid absorption of sunlight-particularly, subatomic particles called photons which can be easily discouraged.

  • Cloud Presences:

Solar energy is absorbed in clouds or rainy weather because it weakens the solar power energy as they are dependent on sunlight to work to be one of its disadvantages.

  • High-Cost Panels:

Solar panels used to capture energy from sunlight at first cost high prices; for example, it includes panels, inverter, batteries, wiring, and installation charges, and long ROI.

  • Availability of space for the Solar system:

The heavier system requires much sunlight, therefore a lot of space on the roof is required to fit the solar panel suitably to work efficiently.

  • Solar Panel doesn’t work at nights:

At night it acts as interrupt flow of photons to feeble the fixed solar arrays. Therefore, the power of solar energy cannot function at night. For the backup plan, you need a large battery bank.

  • Suffer from the hazardous environment:

The main environmental downside of solar technology is different notorious substances contain in panels although, they produce green renewable energy. Moreover, when it is packaged and sealed from inside, it may carry cadmium which inflicts serious problems if leaked from a panel, which can also damage the environment.

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