installing solar panels

Being green and energy-free by installing solar panels is an excellent idea, but the procedure for installing it isn’t easy. A slight or major error or lack of understanding can affect the effectiveness of solar panels. We have compiled some of the mistakes you should avoid when setting up the solar panel system.

  • The Non-Productive Components are positioned away from the Sun
  • Installation of partially shaded PV Panels
  • Incorrect Sizing
  • Unaware of the climate conditions in the area you live in
  • Solar Power Not Balancing Across Phases
  • Examine the Micro-Cracks
  • Unorganized Connecting Cable while installing solar panels
  • The use of less than excellent quality Equipment
  • We are not inquiring about the installers.
  • Common Power Interruptions
  • Certain systems aren’t designed for certain upgrades

In order to increase the performance of the solar panel, this checklist plays an important part in this. Marking them as you go can aid in the improvement in the performance of solar panels. They are described as:

Do not mount the non-productive components In a way that isn’t in the Sun

The most effective way to stop the solar panel from becoming corroded is by making sure to control all components that carry current to ensure that no unwanted incidents occur. Also, be aware of the wind, as it could cause wire loops to move around which can cause noise levels to rise and spark electrical discharges. Choose the conductor made of stainless steel to make sure you are in compliance with the local fire safety rules.

Incorrectly handling Partially Shaded PV Panels

In the course of a string,’ it is the case that Pv systems are linked. A small amount of shadow could be more influential on a couple of panels than you would think. The best way to ensure that you inspect your roof is by taking pictures taken every year, as the shadows change. If shadows cannot be ignored there are technological solutions like microinverters and DC optimizers to prevent the entire system from being confined by a single shaded area.

Size-related errors when installing solar panels

The majority of people pay their electric bills, evaluate their consumption of electricity, and then construct a solar panel. This method doesn’t take into account various important factors, such as the voltage, orientation of the panel, and the natural decline in performance.

These factors are responsible for the difference between success and failure. For instance, you could damage expensive equipment if your battery bank or panel doesn’t have the proper voltage. This could have serious consequences. For instance, the entire system may be damaged by the fact that the battery bank or solar panel isn’t running at the right voltage.

Unaware of the climate conditions in the area you live in

Temperatures that are high could affect the amount of energy that you create. You can also decide how much sunlight you can enjoy. The majority of places get four to six hours of sunshine each day and the amount will determine the dimension of the system. A plant in an indoor space with temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees is ideal to test solar panels.

Not Balancing Solar Power Across Phases

It is essential to determine the appliances that are on the correct phase when you are using an electrical power supply that is three-phase. If you want to have equal power on every phase, the ideal solution is to install a three-phase inverse that attempts to balance power across the three phases. It is important to ensure that your energy consultant knows the difference and is able to provide the best solution for you.

The Micro-Cracks are not being checked.

Begin to look for “micro-cracks” which are small and difficult to identify when not closely examined. They are caused by improper handling of the PV panel, or due to excessive force. The power production level of the solar panel’s system is likely to decrease when the crack grows.

Unorganized Connecting Cable

The most efficient method of preventing rust from solar panels is to handle all of the features to prevent unpleasant events. Be aware of the wind, as it can pull wires forward and backward loops. This will not only increase the amount of wire but also causes sparks that are electric. Choose the conductor made of stainless steel to comply with the local regulations for fire safety.

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Utilization of not-so-good quality Equipment

Unproven, low-cost panels make up a portion of the savings on costs from panels that are cheaper and inverters. Third-party manufacturers test rigorously good panels from their manufacturers to conduct life cycles tests. Since the majority of systems include one inverter, it must be robust. Verifying the duration of the warranty is the most effective method to check the stability of your converter.

We are not inquiring about the installers.

The recognition of a company’s designers and installers proves that solar power systems are properly designed and installed. Installing solar panels system┬áby non-certified electricians aren’t eligible to receive government subsidies. If you ask for an amount of money for a system that was later discovered to not be installed by an electrician who is certified and you are paying a significant amount to purchase your equipment.

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  • Residential Solar Solutions
  • Commercial Solar Solutions

Unable to deal with the usual Power Interruptions

Since solar panels that are grid-connected do not require connection to the grid that is public the electricity you use is drained when the grid is down, which is when batteries that back up your solar panels are used. With the technology of power integration, even when electricity is available, the devices and lights remain running using the battery.

It means that your house can’t be powered by vital infrastructure, so the one connection to a solar panel with an additional battery is easy to fix. Concentrating on power integration can prevent interruptions as well as unnecessary battery power consumption.

Not Considering Upgradable Solar Systems Upgrades

A majority of battery storage systems powered by solar energy are able to be connected with solar energy, however certain additional factors should be considered. It is possible to add another solar panel when you are planning to build a battery in the near future or later. Check with your provider to see if they have created your system in such a way that it could be altered if needed. if necessary.

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