Best solar panel service providers

Best Solar Panel Service Providers

We are providing you here the top list of best solar panel service providers in Pakistan.

solar grid (pvt) Ltd

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Grid-connected PV systems have become increasingly popular for applications in the built environment. They are connected to the grid via inverters, which convert the DC power into AC electricity. The inverter is connected to the distribution board, from where the PV generated power is transferred into the electricity grid or to AC appliances. In principle, these systems do not require batteries, since they are connected to the grid, which acts as a buffer into which an oversupply of PV electricity is transported. The grid also supplies the consumer with electricity in times of insufficient PV power generations.

  • It is important to note that this type of system will not run if the grid is down and the diesel generator is also not running
  • For this type of system, solar power is always given preference over both grid and diesel. An intelligent solar inverter ensures that solar is first fully utilized and then remaining power requirement is drawn from the grid or diesel generator
  • Most systems being installed in Haryana for meeting obligations are also of this type.
  • This is the most economically viable system as there is no requirement to install a battery bank. we recommend this system for customers who already have 100% power backup. When you install this system, you will still need to run the diesel generator when the power goes off but your fuel consumption will be lower.
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    • ✅ Grid Connect Solar
    • ❌ Hybrid Solar
    • ❌ Off Grid Solar
    • ❌ Micro Inverters or Power Optimisers


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