It could take years of securing funds and hard work to get your business off the floor. Although you may have started with a small amount of capital your business to get to where you are now however, you may require more funding to scale and grow.

There are a variety of ways to connect with investors. You can try connecting with potential investors on your own, through networking events, and even online platforms like Gust or Gust, or look for accelerator programs that offer assistance in exchange for seed funding.

A few recommendations from successful entrepreneurs can help you find investors for your new business. Also, if you have any friends who are business owners themselves, they might be able to connect you with potential investors. Also, don’t forget to check out your local business community–local chambers of commerce and chapters of associations such as the National Federation of Independent Business can be a great place to begin.

If you do meet with potential investors, you must be prepared to discuss your business’s goals and projections. Show how your company has grown and produced profits to date. Be prepared to answer any questions about your future plans. Be sure to have an investment plan that clearly outlines the role of the investor in the company and how they will be expected to do their job.

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