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Are you looking to have electricity for free? We cannot assure you of that, but we can certainly guide you into the realm of Solar Energy! It’s also free but you need to spend a significant amount of money prior to it being absolutely free.

What exactly is Solar Energy?

Solar Energy is when we make use of the energy of sunlight to transform it into electricity to provide power to our homes. It is among the ways you can create your own electric power.

Solar Energy in Pakistan

Solar energy technology is now becoming extremely well-known in Pakistan. Because we need to conserve resources Solar is a fantastic method to achieve this. We not only save electricity but we also conserve many other resources, like carbon dioxide and trees.

Solar Power

What is the process?

Finding the Solar plant set up at your property is no problem as there are plenty of companies that will install it for you However, here are some fundamentals to be aware of.

The first is that, a Solar plant is made up of three elements.

The Solar Plates are fixed to the highest point of your structure following the measurement of the right angle of sunrise and dusk.

In the second, an inverter is going to be installed in your home and it converts DC power into AC power, and then supplies it to the entire structure.

Your batteries are also connected to the inverter since most inverters are designed to be capable of calculating the energy consumption and load of energy and provide it, while the batteries serve as backups to be used in the evening when there is no sunlight. In addition, the entire installation is done in 2 to 3 days!

Pros and Cons of Solar Energy


Let’s talk about the disadvantages of having a Solar Plant installed.

You must pay an enormous amount of money in one go.

You must pay attention to the power usage that ensures it is not exceeding the limit.

In the event of rain it is not a good idea to use large appliances such as AC or heater


You can use electricity free for the rest in your lifetime (It is always free, however after 10 years, you might need to pay for maintenance)

There is no load shedding! Even if the entire city is experiencing the brink of a power outage you can take advantage of your electricity.

You won’t have to worry about power outages or your costly appliances burning.

You are entitled to 10-year warranty replacement from certain companies on their components.

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As with all things, we have some misconceptions about solar power, too. And since it’s a complete guide we’re here to tackle those too.

Solar doesn’t work when it is cloudy or rainy

It doesn’t cease to function, although the efficiency and the production of power decreases, however it continues to work. The efficiency is reduced to 60% , meaning it isn’t possible to run large appliances but it’s still functioning as normal. Most of your lighter appliances can be used such as Refrigeration and clothing irons as well as fans, PC and so on.

You must have Solar compatible appliances

There are some who claim that you should particularly purchase appliances made to operate with Solar Energy, but this is simply a way to make more sales. Every appliance you have is able to work.

Load Calculation

This section is about be a little bit nerdy since we’ll review the specifics;

The load calculation is done using an easy method that is to take the all-inclusive load for your appliances and calculate it accordingly.

For instance, For example, a 1.5-ton split AirCon consumes around 1800W of power while a refrigerator consumes 300W of power.

We can see that one Solar Plate produces 400w of power (depends on the company you choose Some do less) which means that we’ll require six plates to generate enough power to allow these two devices to operate.

This is just an example of that the total depends on the demand of the client.

And for batteries, it’s entirely dependent on you to decide what number you’d like.


The cost is completely based on the city or location since every city has its own costs. Here are the prices that are not perfect. There could be differences based on where you live, so consider the following as an illustration to ensure you can get an idea.

Solar Plate 17,000 PKR

Solar Inverter – Around 100,000 PKR

Battery – About 30,000 PKR


And, still, many prices such as installation and frame building have yet to be added, so do your own research prior to making a decision.

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