The solar battery is a vital component of a solar system. After its installation in the solar system, a solar-powered battery takes roughly an hour to charge, given proper exposure to sunlight. With solar energy development in Pakistan, the market is rich with quality equipment required for a solar installation. However, the question of selecting a good battery for energy storage remains at large.

The trend of solar energy in Pakistan has developed a healthy competition between solar companies. Each is getting the best out of others to move up the ladder. Therefore, we at Inspect Energy are working tirelessly to keep it straight and simple for you to understand. If you are interested in a solar installation, Click Here and get three quotes from the best solar companies in Pakistan.

best solar panel batteries

The selection of batteries for a solar setup to some extent is a hectic task. This selection isn’t one size fits all; instead, the choice of battery depends on the type, the capacity, and the daily consumption of the solar setup. Otherwise, you will end up with an underperforming solar panel system.

Primarily, there are three types of best solar panel batteries in Pakistan.

Lithium-ion or Li-ion batteries are the most common and readily available storage batteries. These batteries proved their mantel in rechargeable electronics and cell phones. Their efficiency and low maintenance make them a perfect choice for battery-backed solar systems.

Tubular batteries are lead-acid-based rechargeable batteries. These batteries are generally large, more substantial, low cost, and require little maintenance than the rest. Tubular batteries are among  commonly available solar batteries and best solar panel batteries in Pakistan.

Dry or Gel batteries are an advanced type of battery. As the name suggests, the battery has a gel-like electrolyte. This gel-like substance is sulfuric acid mixed with fumed silica, which results in a static mass in the shape of Gel. They are comparatively costly but long-lasting batteries. Gel batteries require zero-to-none maintenance and are resilient towards corrosion and vibrations.

The batteries are an essential component in hybrid and off-grid solar installation. Therefore, to get the best out of your batteries, install them alongside a suitable solar inverter.

We have listed the suitable solar batteries for both hybrid and Offgrid solar installation available in Pakistan. We have maintained a criterion to make sure the availability of the best in the market.

The batteries had to prove their worth on many standards for inclusion in our list. These standards are:

  • Power and capacity
  • Depth of discharge
  • Roundtrip efficiency
  • Lifespan and warranty
  • Manufacturer
  • Price

Please note that we have handpicked solar batteries for their manufacturer goodwill as well as their general reputation among the solar installation circles in Pakistan.

Lantrun is offering premier quality LI-ion batteries for solar installation in pakistan. They are offering up to two years warranty for their Lipo 4 series which very much liked amon the consumers and installers in Pakistan.

solar battery price
narada solar panel battery

Narada has a fair share of solar batteries in Pakistan; however, they are offering their Lithium Iron series to compete for the top LI-ion shelves in the market. These Narada Lithium iron series require no maintenance and last longer than any other solar battery manufacturer in Pakistan.

Ritar is the most trusted solar battery in Pakistan. The Ritar offers a wide range of tubular batteries for hybrid installations across the country.

Ritar Power solar panel Battery
narada solar panel battery

Narada’s OPzS series is a conventional tubular flood battery. Thanks to the positive tubular plate and flood electrolyte, it provides an excellent deep cycle life peak performance. OPzS series is a perfect fit for energy storage,telecommunication, and emergency power.

Honorable mentions:

Outdo offers a unique range of its OT series of dry batteries. These batteries excel in zero to none maintenance, low self dissipation, and a wide range of solutions for your power requirements.

solar panel batteries
narada solar panel battery

Narada ACME series is a severe competitor in dry gel batteries. Upholding the traditions of Narada’s innovative style of production, ACME is an instant hit among solar enthusiasts.

Honorable mentions:

Solar energy in Pakistan is gaining more and more popularity with each passing day. With the recent advancement in solar equipment, Pakistan solar industry shall see more of innovative products making their way into the market. The presence of such competitive companies points towards a healthy battle between top-notch brands of the world for soalr crown in  Pakstan.

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Disclaimer: the above data is strictly base on import data given Pakistan Import and only viable for Pakistani consumer.