residential solar system

Residential Solar System:

The sales pitch of every solar sales engineer starts with “Switching to solar will save you a lot of money!. “But the truth about this pitch depends on many factors. At the end of this article, you will find out whether it is worth installing a solar system on your residence or not. let’s discuss each factor one by one

how much your bill is?

How much you pay for your utility is the number one variable that can save you money by installing a residential solar system.

For every kilowatt-hour (kWh) of power you consume, you currently pay the utility provider. Meaning you could pay anything from 8 cents per kWh to over 20 cents per kWh, based on where you live.

First ever thought that comes to mind when most people hear about investing in solar energy is reducing their utility bill or even eliminating it. And it’s interesting that you can almost eradicate your reliance on conventional energy in certain instances. In most situations, though, the money you save on electricity costs is offset by the expense of funding your solar power plant. The long-term benefit it brings to your house is where you truly stand to make money on an investment in solar energy.


The most critical factor in purchasing something is that you have to take the prices into consideration. Cheaper alternatives could sound appealing, as in most goods. Saving cash upfront is often inviting. If you spend in high-quality facilities, the long-term savings will always be higher. If solar panels are worth it or not is influenced by the cost of your buy.

Another beneficial measure will be to review the solar benefits and rebates available where you reside, which can reduce the net expense substantially. A 30 percent solar tax credit is provided by the federal government, for instance. Through 2021, this federal ITC has been renewed. However, with the tax credit, the full 30 percent figure is only valid by the end of 2019. However, with the tax credit, the full 30 percent figure is only valid by the end of 2019. Few companies also provide cashback in an effort to persuade clients to go solar.

Increase property value?

Indeed, homes with solar power systems sell higher than homes without them. Switching over to solar in the United States could increase your property value even more than renovating a kitchen. That’s just another reason why solar panels are worth it. One thing to remember, though: the value of the land will only rise if you buy the solar panel system rather than leasing it.