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Get Control Over Energy Cost with Instant 3 Solar Quote

Your assistant for finest solar system deal with quality installation Practices.

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At Inspect Energy you’ll find the best solar companies in Pakistan that are currently working and we calculate the solar panel price in Pakistan.

Our Mission

Insect Energy's mission is to promote solar energy, renewable energy hardware and reputable installers so that Pakistanis can enjoy the security of low bills for decades.

Our Commitment

we are deeply committed to ensuring that every Pakistanis house gets quality solar panels from solar companies in Pakistan with reliable inverter, well installed by an installation crew that, is given the time and hardware to achieve the result that will last for decades.

We're Selective

Insect Energy is very selective with which companies we work with. We choose top solar companies in Pakistan. Solar inspect has been helping Pakistanis business like yours to grow for a long time. At Inspect Energy, we work hard to deliver better qualified, informed, high quality sales leads so your business can thrive. We also calculate the solar system & solar panel price in Pakistan.

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To Identify solar system & solar panel price in Pakistan, what solar companies in Pakistan to choose, and what are the best solar panels in Pakistan are available.

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Our Energy inspector, instantly alerts local suppliers for quotes form those solar companies in Pakistan who has the best solar panel price in Pakistan to get your job done. Yeah for Free

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Select best deal out of all the 3 quotes according to your load profile. If you need any help or advise please get in touch.
How we works

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Simple and online. You are in the driver’s seat.

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Solar Companies compete for your business and you get the best deals. You will get 3 quotes from local companies.

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Guidance throughout your solar installation experience. You can ask for any help, we can calculate your load and suggest you a best solar solution.

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Making it easy for you to pick the best quote

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We screen solar companies so you don't have to, you will get top solar companies in Pakistan form our platform. You will find best solar local companies from our platform.

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Select best deal and you can also reach to us if you need our help for best deal.

We calculate you savings

Find out how much you can save by going solar

We estimate your new monthly bill

Based on your home and usage profile

We tell you how long pay back should take

To show you the true value of solar

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Then you choose the one you like the most
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The way we do things around here:

  • We’ve got registered solar installers Pakistan-wide.
  • Our service is free-to-use and 100% obligation free.
  • Receive 3 free quotes from our trusted network of installers.
  • The people you speak to want to help you save on your energy bills.
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